Window Cleaning

Professional window Cleaner in aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Why you should book your window cleaning with us

Don’t have time? Your windows are too high? You have been let down by your window cleaner? Never had one but you look at your windows and think it’s a good time to get one? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Whether the weather is good or bad, clean windows always make us feel better about the insides and outsides of our homes by giving this amazing experience of immaculate cleanliness and by letting us enjoy the views outside with sharpness.  Blue Wave External Cleaning will bring this experience to you along with professional, friendly & high quality service.


With the experience gained over thousands of hours of window cleaning practice and different methods used, Blue Wave External Cleaning decided to switch to the most effective and recognised as one of the safest methods available –the Pure Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning.  This method is not easy and requires lots of training, attention to detail and appropriate skills and equipment in order to deliver perfect results.  We have it all and guarantee your windows will be left spotless after each clean! 

How does it work?

Windows are cleaned  with a professional brush on a telescopic pole with the use of purified water fed out of specialised filters mounted in the van. This deionised water together with the special design of the brush are responsible for lifting all of the grime off the glass making sure windows are left streak free and dirt-proof for longer.




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Copyright © 2018-2021