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Professional solar panel cleaning in aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

WHY it is IMPORTANT TO CLEAN solar panels

Solar panels have been created to make the most of the sunlight and convert it into energy. So the cleaner they are, the more efficiently they will work!

As it is with any other glass surface exposed to different weather and environmental conditions such as rain, wind, sea salt, tree sap, bird droppings, if left unmaintained, solar panels collect a thick layer of grime, which in turn results in reducing their transparency and performance.  


It often can be heard or read, here and there, that rain and snow is all that is needed to clean solar panels of the dirt. Research shows that as this may work with newly accumulated grime which is still loose, it may not necessarily do much to a long term build up that is sealed and hardened by high temperatures present on roof tops.

If your solar panels haven’t been cleaned in a while or you start noticing changes in their performance, you may wish to consider having them professionally cleaned.

Blue Wave External Cleaning can help you bring their maximum efficiency back at a competitive price, equipped in necessary knowledge, experience and tools. No chemicals are used – only purified water and soft bristle brushes, which are safe for the surface of the solars and very effective in removing the dirt.




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